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Meet Scott Berlin

Scott Berlin was born at Monmouth Medical Center and spent the first part of his life growing up in Middlesex County. Just before high school, his family moved to Arizona where he stayed for nearly a decade. There he attended Northern Arizona University and studied History in Secondary Education before pursuing a degree in Political Science.

After fighting for various causes and candidates around the country, Scott Berlin moved back to Freehold Township to establish his life in his beloved home state.

Scott Berlin currently owns two businesses based in Freehold – a software development company and a public relations consultancy.

He has continued to be an advocate for change and various issues such as criminal justice reform, public transit, and technological advancement.

He was a part of the successful passing of Medicaid Expansion during his time working in the Arizona Legislature and helped lead the fight against Arizona’s SB1062 anti-LGBT bill in 2014.

Moving Freehold Forward - The Vision


We need to focus on expanding commuter options into both major cities, New York and Philadelphia. We have some of the worst commutes in the state - averaging 40 minutes each way - and we only have one option for public transit: the bus lines on Route 9. It’s about time someone took up the fight to get the MOM Line, or other public transit alternatives, back into the conversation.


We need to focus on modernizing our town to changing technological demands and shifts in the economy. We need to utilize modern technologies to quickly report, and provide updates, about town issues. In the modern Information Age, it is unacceptable that we have to guess when roads will be fixed or if issues at parks have been reported, when we can easily create a web portal that houses all of this information for every citizen to check.

Shared Services

We need to increase the amount of shared services between Freehold Township and Freehold Borough. We can reduce costs by consolidating services with a municipality that we surround on all sides. By working together, we can ensure the most efficient allocation of resources that will help lower the tax burden for every property owner in all of Freehold.